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Series #1 – Communication, Resolving Conflict, Forgiveness, Partner Styles & Habits


The single most essential component that defines a relationship. Communication is important because it is the bond to every characteristic of your marriage. The result of discussions and decisions about money, kids, jobs, religion, and your expression of thoughts and needs will all depend on the message styles, patterns, and skills you’ll create as one.

Resolving Conflicts

Avoidance of disagreement is not what defines a good marriage, but how conflict is presented and settled. We’ll review your ability to talk about and solve disparity. You’ll learn how to successfully share your views, dreams, and thoughts with your spouse even during times of tension or quarrel.


What It Is and What It Is Not! Many have expressed the three most important expressions spoken in living are: “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” and “I forgive you.” Forgiveness is an essential model in Christianity and all human being associations; many people find it a bewildering and complex procedure. We’ll explore the myths many assume with forgiveness.

Your Partner’s Unique Habits

Partner Styles and Habits. Many couples in complain about their partners’ bizarre and aggravating behaviors. We all have a few strange habits and actions that may be difficult for our spouses to accept. Our spouses have their own unique peculiarities that often baffle us. So what are these weird, foolish habits that bewilder us, and how can we learn to understand them lovingly?

Series #2 – Financial Mgt, Sexual Intimacy in Marriage, Family of Origin, STD/STI Testing Before Marriage

Financial Management

Conflicting viewpoints on the subject of money and poor fiscal management are some of the most often referred to subjects that cause marital troubles. Additionally, the consequence of conversations and resolve about financials affect other parts of the marriage.

Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Our society is becoming more sex drenched each year. Couples might suppose they are schooled and equipped for a pleasing sexual connection in marriage. Nothing is more distant from the reality. They may have listened to a lot about sex, but a very small number understand it in a way that admires both the author of sex (God) and those sex was designed for (a husband and wife). Sex can also be one of the most controversial topics in the Christian community. We tackle universal concerns and confusion couples fear of sex.

Family of Origin

When a man and women get married they bring their relatives into the new relationship. We review “Family of Origin” (the family you grew up in) facts with you to help recognize variations that are possible to impact your marriage. Couples usually do not understand how significant their families are to their activities and relationships. This session demonstrates to the couple how they perceive their “Connectivity” and “Flexibility” both to the Family of Origin and to each other.

Testing for STDs/STIs before Marriage

In perfect humanity, examination for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) prior to marriage wouldn’t be necessary. In our present society, sex before or apart from marriage, remarriages, homosexual and bisexual relations, and the intermittent tainted blood transfusions, you cannot be certain that infectivity will not occur. Explore the medical community concerns and recommendations for testing prior to marriage.

Series #3 – Surviving the Holidays, Protection from Social Media, Biblical Roles, Blended Families & Remarriage

Surviving the Holidays

Recently married couples can experience significant pressure near the holidays, because of differing desires, visions and traditions of families (parents, in-laws, siblings, extended families, blended families) employers, and friends. Add to that the affect of spouses who don’t distinguish or value the new limitations of a recently married couple and you have a formula for disaster. We’ll provide tips for developing new traditions, how and when to make your families aware of your plans, and how well designed intentions may need to change.

Protecting Your Marriage from the Internet, Social Media and Friends.

The increasingly upward use of online social networks, texting, and e-mail, more people are linking with a much broader sphere of “contacts” than ever before in the past. These methods of communiqué permit us to simply stay coupled with friends and associates; it also can cultivate re-connecting with folks from our past, including those of a prior passionate interest. Spouses need to talk about and agree on proper limitations to guard the oneness and unison of their marriage. Be on your safeguard. What may seem like innocence is threaded with the venom of wrongdoing and dishonor.

Biblical Roles of Husbands and Wives.

Uncertainty on the subject of God intended roles in marriage have become normal along with other misconceptions of God’s blueprint for marriage, sex, church say-so, and the like. Indeed, some evangelicals have also cast off the biblical commands on roles for men and women. This sitting shares biblically-based education to help couples see visualization for their relationship that will motivate both spouses’ minds and hearts.

Blended Families and Remarriage.

Many experts are in agreement that unworkable hope for blended family life often position couples for great disillusionment. All new marriages engage diverse people and dissimilar circumstances; it is not uncommon for persons to slide into the same old blueprint and schedule, particularly in the center of the stress of joining together two families. Christian blended families are becoming more and more ordinary in our culture. This session demonstrates some exceptional challenges that step-families encounter and helps prepare the couple for those experiences.

Series #4 – Wedding Plans, Cultural Diversity, Marriage Expectations, Porn – How It Ruins Your Marriage

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding requires two people and two families which frequently have dissimilar standards, outlook, and/or priorities. The result, wedding planning is filled with probable conflicts. Couples should talk about the principles they want to institute in their life as one and how they desire those ideals to be disclosed in their marriage ceremony plans.

Managing Cultural Differences

The record of intercultural nuptials and interracial matrimony goes back to at least biblical eras. Although yearning for a safe and sound, permanent marriage is common, the ways those wishes are addressed are highly prejudiced by varied, cultural standards. This especially holds for first, and to a lesser extent, second generation immigrants. There is a sharp level of exhilaration and improved worldview allied with couple diversity, such marriages also present bigger challenges to construction a lifelong, gratifying marriage.

Marriage Expectations

We come into marriage with defined hope that is shaped through a broad assortment of preceding familiarity and contribution from our families, customs, and the media. Expectations about love and marriage have a authoritative impact on relationships. Couples often will be contented or disenchanted in life rooted on how well what is occurring aligns with what they imagine should be happening. All married couples begin eager for and believing they will experience the absolute best. Troubles crop up when these dreams and ideas are not structured on realism.


How It Can Ruin your Marriage.  The idea that men are the only ones addictioned pornography is myth.  Porn has no boundaries!  It effects children, men, women and clergy! Most individuals are first exposed to pornography at the average age of eight.  Perhaps you were impacted by introduction to porn or sexual abuse as a juvenile; that experience began a sequence of encounters with pornography during periods your life. This can lead to a rising predicament for them and those they love.  In this session we examine the dangers of pornography, the magnitude of the addiction and suggestions for treatment.

Presented by Chuck & Mae Dettman co-authors of The Marriage Journey: A Flight Plan to Your Healthy Marriage