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Premarital Mentoring

Over 3 Million Couples!

Over the last 30 years, the PREPARE/ENRICH relationship assessment has empowered and energized more than 3 million couples. It is the #1 premarital inventory and couples assessment tool.

What is the PREPARE/ENRICH Program?

PREPARE/ENRICH is a customized couple assessment completed online that identifies the couple's strength and growth areas. Based on the couple's assessment results, we provide up to 6 feedback sessions which help the couple discuss and understand their results as they are taught proven relationship skills.   The assessment IS NOT a "test" because no 'right' or 'wrong' answers are scored.   

What are the major goals of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program?

There are several goals of the PREPARE/ENRICH Program. In order to achieve these goals there are exercises designed to help couples improve their relationship skills. The program helps couples:

  • Explore strength and growth areas
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Identify and manage major stressors
  • Resolve conflict using the Ten Step Model
  • Develop a more balanced relationship
  • Explore family of origin issues
  • Discuss financial planning and budgeting
  • Establish personal, couple and family goals
  • Understand and appreciate personality differences 

What relationship areas are assessed by the Inventories?

  • 12 Relationship Scales - communication, conflict resolution, roles, sexuality, financies, spiritual beliefs, and more
  • 5 SCOPE Personality Scales
  • 4 Couple and Family Scales - based on circumplex model
  • 4 Relationship Dynamic Scales
  • 30 Customized Scales

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