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Marriage & Divorce Facts

Every year since 1970, there has been one divorce for every two marriages in Florida.

  • On average, 83,000 couples are divorced each year.  Florida has the ninth highest divorce rate in the nation and the divorce rate has been above the national average for more than 50 years. 
  • Florida taxpayers pay $1.95 billion dollars annually as the cost of family fragmentation from divorce and unwed childbearing.
  • The total number of births out of wedlock has jumped from 28% in 1960 to 62% in 2012.  Since 1960, the percentage of births to non-white unmarried women has increased by 126%.
  • Since 1960 the number of single parent families has risen by 260%. 

Palm Beach County boasts the highest rate of divorce in Florida at 62.4%   The current economic situation is further stressing marriages and relationships.  The result is a deterioration of the family structure.  Today's Promise goals are to lower divorce rates in Palm Beach County.  We collect research on attitudes and behaviors concerning family life, and identify significant problems facing our community.  We then provide credible values-based solutions to local leaders, professionals and community citizens.  Our intent is to reach the entire community with skills-based educational classes, truthful, research-based messages on the significance of marriage education and to train lay couples and professionals who work with individuals and families in the latest research and best demonstrated practices.  In Florida, one of the most well developed and successful Community Marriage Policies is found in Tallahassee.  Through the efforts of Live the Life Ministries led by Richard Albertson, ( the divorce rate in Leon County has experienced a decrease of 27% since the beginning of the effort.

Today's Promise Executive Director is an ordained minister and has more than 10-years in couple and professional life-coaching experience.  Pastor Dettman is a Certified Seminar Director for couples, clergy and professionals in pre-marriage and marriage enrichment programs such as PREPARE-ENRICH and SMART START.   Additionally, he is listed as a Registered Provider for pre-marriage education for the 15th Judicial Circuit Court.

We at Today's Promise envision a bright future for our community and the families who live here.  We know that by providing resources and teaching skills we can help couples, parents and singles to build strong foundations upon which their families can grow.  Attitudes will not change overnight, but if we can impact the attitudes and behaviors of Palm Beach County residents, we can be a catalyst for lasting, positive change in our community for generations to come.

Please join us in our initiative by supporting Today's Promise as our ambassador to your circle of influence, sharing your commitment to strong marriages.  Your support is welcomed by agreeing to help create strong, lasting and satisfying marriages either as trained mentor couple or a donation to our ministry.

Today's Promise is a qualified 501(c) (3) organization supported by donations.

We offer professional Pastoral-type counseling to individuals and groups for

    Marriage Education & Mentoring to:

  • Engaged couples
  • Marriages in need of Enrichment
  • Marriages in crisis

     Relationship education
     Marriage mentor certification for Clergy, Professional Counselors and mentor couples

1 Excludes data for California, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Louisiana, and Minnesota. 

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