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Does Your Relationship Need Strengthening?


Learn Today, to Strengthen Tomorrow!


We give attention to almost every element of our surroundings (vehicles, homes, clothing, offices, body, and more), but neglect our relationships. Consider this: if you never change the oil in the vehicle, what happens? It breaks down and stops running. Neglect the home and it also becomes uninhabitable over time. Fitness Centers, Diet Programs, and Pharmaceuticals bombard us with advertisements to support healthy lifestyles; all attempting to convince us we ‘need their product to maintain health.’ Do you ever see the same philosophy applied to our relationships? Left without maintenance, they too will become unhealthy. Not once have we seen an advertisement directed toward building a healthy, strong and lasting relationships on the evening news, during Prime Time TV or as a sponsor for a major sports event! Why? Most likely because we take relationships for granted— and no one has figured out how to profit from healthy relationships. There is more money to be made in divorces. Lawyers, accountants and auctioneers benefit from divorces. Nobody makes a dime if you are blissfully married.


Reignite and Reinvent is designed to provide faith-based skills and habits that will build and strengthen your relationship. Reignite and Reinvent is a safe place for you and your spouse to reconnect; whether you rate your relationship as a 1 or 10, or anywhere in between. Give yourself fully to the gift of the process and watch how God changes you, your relationship and family.

$199.00 per couple

(includes materials)

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Selfishness in Relationships

  • Understand why we are all selfish
  • Identify common selfish traits and actions
  • Learn to overcome the selfish nature we possess

Date Night

  • Why do you need a Date Night?
  • How does Date Night create passion?
  • How would you use Date Night?

Intimacy In Marriage

  • Topics of Intimacy
  • Common misunderstands about intimacy
  • Steps you can improve intimacy in marriage

Surviving Infidelity

  • Understand why infidelity happens
  • Forgive your spouse after infidelity
  • Learn specific steps you can take to overcome the unfaithfulness

Don't wait until you reach a "crumbling" hurdle! Every couple, regardless of how long they've been together, will experience events that can destroy the relationship. Think not if, but when you'll face job loss, death of a parent, child or pet, anniversary of a traumatic experience. All left untouched without the tools knowing how to navigate the opportunity your marriage could implode. Learn today, to strengthen tomorrow!


Have you ever considered rating your relationship? On a 1-10 scale where do you think your relationship rates? Do you often wonder if there is more, if it could get better?

What about sharing a gift of growth in your relationship? Strengthen your love, grow your heart and become the husband and wife many will envy.

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